Q. Are non-toxic paints more expensive than conventional paints?
A. Since more and more people are choosing non-toxic paints, the overall costs are now equal to, and in some cases, only slightly higher than, conventional paints.

Can you help with other things besides painting, like wall and ceiling repairs, or carpentry?

A. We do most wall and ceiling repairs and some carpentry. For jobs that are beyond our skill set, we will gladly refer you to other quality craftspeople with whom we have a working relationship.


Q. Will I be sacrificing quality if I choose a non-toxic paint over a conventional paint?
A. This is probably our most frequently asked question. The short answer is 'No'. We choose paint according to three basic attributes: hide-ability, wearability, and scrub-ability. Hide-ability is the ability of the paint to cover the underlying surface. Wearability refers to the durability of the painted surface when exposed to normal wear-and-tear. And, scrub-ability is simply how well the paint withstands abrasion from regular cleaning. In all three criteria, the paint we use is exceptional by our standards and those of our clients.

We've been using a brand of conventional paint on our house for many years and are very happy with the quality. Do you paint with conventional paints as well?
A. Yes. We understand and appreciate individual loyalty to certain brands of paint, and are open to using a variety of brands.

What does VOC stand for?
A. Solvents used in paints are often volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These are highly evaporative substances used as carriers to impart adequate application and drying characteristics to paint. These toxic substances are known to contribute to indoor and outdoor air pollution, as well as a host of human health problems. VOCs found in paints can release low-level toxic emissions into the air for years after application

Are you licensed and bonded?
A. The Green Brush is a registered contractor in the state of Washington and we are bonded in accordance with Washington State contractor requirements.

Do you offer a warranty?
A. Yes. We have a three-year warranty on most work.

If you have any questions that we haven't answered here, please call us at 206.228.3868.

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